About The Company

Planning for a wooden makeover to your house? Searching for the best sellers of some best wooden pieces in the market? Do not worry, we are here to help you out from all angles with all your needs and demands. When comes to wooden furniture and tables, it is very important for the customer to know first about the right types of wood for the furniture piece. This we provide clearly in our websites and customers are free to have a look at them before doing the actual shopping. This we feel is mandatory for all and this we have created as a guide that would be of huge learning to the customers. According to us, it is quality that speaks about us to you all. So with this assurance, we invite and encourage customers to visit our shops and go back home with all their needs satisfied at affordable rates.

We have our staffs fully equipped with the necessary knowledge about the various different types of wood that are being used in each and every single piece on our display because this would be the primary query from the customer side and hence we see that all our staffs are able to give the right kind of guidance to all our customers. We also accept special orders for some special and unique needs and this we try to deliver on time. The charges with us are of course the market rates and in this, there is no compromise. We charge our customers nothing extra but just for the furniture piece, the types of wood and the efforts that have gone into their making. So with us, you can find all the furniture pieces at affordable rates, something that cannot be offered by any other dealer in the market. So make a visit to our shops today and enjoy a happy and comfortable shopping.